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Jrev Kids
Neogenesis Program

Playing in a Fountain

Jrev Kids Neogenesis Discipleship Program

We are excited to announce the launch of our full Jrevolution Kids Program.

The Jrev Kids Neogenesis Program is a full discipleship program for kids. The topics covered are exactly the same as the topics covered in the adult Neogenesis program, however the kids program is taught and shared in a story like manner that is easy for kids to understand.  The key purpose of our Jrev Kids Neogenesis Program is to help kids understand salvation and the need of salvation, as well as to teach them to hear from God from a young age. We believe teaching them this while they are still young will impact them for the rest of their lives. The program also covers other key discipleship topics like church, community, serving, giving, the Holy Spirit, forgiveness, the enemy and much much more!


We are publishing sessions almost monthly from September onwards 2021 onwards – you can find the full publishing schedule below.


We encourage families, ministries and churches to utilize our program and we also offer co-branding options with your church or ministry logos inserted into the animation videos alongside the Jrevolution branding. 


For any queries or for more information get in touch with us on

Jrev Kids Introduction Video

Jrev Kids Session 1- NeoGenesis

Jrev Kids Session 2 - 555

Jrev Kids Session 3 - A place to call home

Jrev Kids Session 4 - The Good Gift

Jrev Kids Session 5 - Forgive | Advance | Persevere

Jrev Kids Session 6 - Know Your Enemy

Jrev Kids Session 7 - Upside Down Living

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