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5 Years | 5 Nations

Celebration 5 years | 5 Nations
5 Years 5 nations

As Jrevolution celebrates its fifth-year anniversary this month, we’re encouraged by the progress the Lord has granted us and I’m personally grateful to be part of such an impactful Ministry. Over these years, we have conducted around 36 Neogenesis programs attended by hundreds of new or convicted Christians. We delivered approx. 19 sessions of ‘Detox’ and many of ‘Truth Be Told’. Our completion of Jrev Kids Program’ packaged to enable delivery in Sunday schools is the latest milestone in our journey. This article looks at the Neogenesis program and travels across the world to see its impact across five nations over the five years we have been commissioned. Christine Kuun conceived the program in 2015, invited her two close friends who shared her vision - Michelle and Shamon in 2018 and we finally laid roots for our mission in May 2019.

The Jrevolution Directors Team

We started with the Great Commission from Matthew 28: 18 -20 Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” ‘Neogenesis’ or new beginning sums up the impact the first Jrevolution course has on lives in a single word. Couldn’t have said it better and it’s no wonder as the title is inspired by the Holy Spirit. As much as I want to put others first, I have to put my hand up to claim I was one of the first to receive the teaching – because Christine Kuun, the Founder of Jrevolution who was inspired and blessed to conceive and deliver Neogenesis was the leader of my life group in Gateway Church, Dubai in 2019 when the teachings were conceived. We had humble beginnings with a handful doing the course in the only property our church then had recourse to, The Resource Centre! We were mesmerised, enlightened, and transformed. Many of us are still on the team and many like me have done the course twice to reinforce the messages.

Jstrat Meeting

Dubai, UAE

That’s where it started out. In 2019 we had a team that served inspired and worked together to set up. That was five years back. The team has changed. At the outset, Michelle and Shamon were supporting Jrevolution at the helm. Over the years, Shamon left, replaced by Urvashi and now the team has a fourth strong leg in Derick. Times have changed but the Word of God remains unchanged, and we continue to touch lives in the UAE. The first change was brought about by the pandemic in 2020. Neogenesis was already online when Covid hit and since then that’s where it has stayed. It was an easy transition and God-led … a blessing that has enabled us to widen our reach, we thank God for His guidance and know that by His will our mission will traverse geographies as well as generations. We are part of His kingdom for the nations and for the evolving landscape encompassing cyber space and our planet. Jrevolution embraces the internet and all its evolution to position our Lord in it – the enemy already has taken residence in part of the estate! Neogenesis online attracted many believers – new and old from Dubai. Two of them have shared their experience.

Anushka says, “Neogenesis seemed to have the answers to all my questions about being a Christian and cemented my faith in Jesus. I still use the 555 which has changed my relationship with God. I have heard him clearly and have peace and joy after I spend time with him in the morning.” Loretta who heard about the course in a church announcement adds,” I had been a believer for over a decade, but I sat through the program as a refresher. Always good to go back to basics. It did turn out to be an excellent refresher. It helped re-establish certain truths and foundations from scripture.

I was a believer for over ten years at the time but the lessons on 5-5-5 and giving were even so an eye opener. Definitely, the teaching on deliverance and the deliverance session itself were awe inspiring. In fact, my husband and I try to attend the deliverance session 1-2 times a year. “ Loretta agrees with Anushka, “The teachings on the foundational truths have helped strengthen my faith. The deliverance sessions have certainly helped break many spiritual bondages in my life.” She inspired her sister in Mumbai to do the course and brought in many members of their home church in India into it. New Life Fellowship Utsav church in Mumbai continues to partner Jrevolution.

The pastor in the Dubai church likened Neogenesis and its teaching of the basic tenets of the gospel to a newborn being taken care of after birth. He said that just as you would not leave a new baby to fend for himself or herself, Neogenesis guides new and even old believers to become stronger, more stable and understand the teachings of our faith. During the lockdown, Neogenesis moved to other countries all around the world. From Dubai in the UAE to South Africa, then India and on to UK and the US. We’re still on the move – wherever the Lord leads us. Sri Lanka, India and Africa are the nations He has called us on mission in 2019 and 2023 but we are open to His voice and seek the Holy Spirit for guidance.

South Africa

In South Africa, we found a strong Christian media base to support us. Pastor Rudie Van Heerden from All for Jesus Ministries ran the entire course on his radio channel. Christine was interviewed by other media as well- CCFM radio, Devoted magazine are among those who featured Jrevolution extensively with Christine on the cover of one issue.

Christine moved to South Africa when the pandemic eased and continued to build up a following there. Patience Baloyi, a mature Christian and leader in SA has led many of her friends and followers to Neogenesis. “The teachings are biblical, shared in simplicity and basics that we need to know as Christians.I have learned a lot from the teachings that I overlooked over the years in my walk with Christ.” She said the online sessions were impactful and informative. She felt she received a revelation from the course, and it helped that the material was shared on WhatsApp and email after every meeting. “As Christians we don't know who we are in Christ, so the program helps us remember who we are and what God expects from us. The exercises have grounded me to spend time with God, study the word and to be intentional about applying the word of God in my life.” Patience added. Pastor Pieter Grobler of Honeycomb Ministries in SA says,” I was asked to look at the Jrev course in the very beginning and was most impressed with its flow and structure.

However, to talk about Jrev one must first take a look at who put this course together – Christine Kuun-Greyling! I have known Christine for close on 21 years. She was part of the congregation I came to pastor in May 2003. She was in the worship team and an active participant in the youth program. While she was part of our congregation, she was faithful and true. Over the years I have found her faithfulness a strong and admirable part of her character. In my opinion faithfulness is a vital part of the fruit of love and is essential to bring godly success to one’s calling.

Not only this, but her determination to succeed in what she believes is God’s calling in her life is not only clearly visible but also most commendable. Her success in her secular employment is clear evidence of this and then her decision to leave her high profile job and trust God for her ways and means in her “full-time” ministry is further evidence of this, if indeed any was needed. It clearly shows her determination in her faithfulness to trust God’s calling in her heart.

Her singlemindedness is astonishing. This is the woman who birthed the vision of Jrev. Consequently, Jrev is a very focused course and ministry. Over time it has become technologically thoroughly digitilized to convey of the Good News of Jesus Christ. In fact it is so up to date with modern I.T. technology and into social media that I, as a 68-year-old, have been left far behind - but that is not surprising at all. Christine is totally at home with and honed in with her target audience. Jrev is a marvelous example of the excellence of women in ministry. It is extremely well managed by a superbly competent team assembled by Christine and very ably adapted to the marketplace and yet keeps its core Biblical message and principles intact and relevant. What I see is commitment and involvement, love and faithfulness. In short: Jesus Christ Exalted!”


When New Life Utsav church in Mumbai joined the course, we were amazed at the numbers. India is all about numbers and we’re happy to be in the country with millions of Christians who still make up only 2.4% of its massive population. It really is a sub-continent and Jrevolution has made many inroads in it. We started out in Mumbai, moved miles away to Shillong in the Northeast and are now being called to the South of the country. We have found a foothold across the entire nation and are looking to the Lord of the harvest to bring forth His bounty. Among the 80 members joining Neogenesis from the Mumbai congregation New Life Utsav, many have testified calling the teachings inspiring and amazing.

Loretta’s sister Lavina who took the information on Neogenesis to her Mumbai congregation and Life Group says,” Jrev has been a wonderful experience for both my husband and me. We learnt so much, it helped us to be disciplined in our spiritual lives.” “The content is amazing, includes miracles and stories from the Bible plus real life testimonies and experiences of the speaker making it very impactful. The course helped as a refresher & impacted my mind to put it to practice immediately - my prayer life got regular & serious - my character was all the more humbled - simply a happy feeling on the whole. I am so grateful to the entire Jrev team that they pray for me always.”

Linette, a leader in the Mumbai church had reached out to Jrevolution for first-hand information having heard of the teaching from Loretta and Lavina. She joined a 2022 session with 25+ people from the church.Linette says, “The sessions were full of insight and truth that has uplifted and spoken to many of us. We had new believers amongst us for whom the spiritual guidance has been foundational and we heard so many testimonies of the blessings from their lives.

For our older members it was refreshing and a reminder of the core pillars and practices that we need to increase our intimacy & grow in our maturity with our Lord.” Linette says that in the unprecedented Covid and post-Covid period, it was important to remain and continue being hopeful and it really helped us to stay united in one heart and one mind.

What we received from the course got us re ignited for Christ. Linette adds, “I heard many transformational testimonies from quiet time, importance of spiritual family, forgiveness, Know your enemy and living for Christ, there have been so many grateful testimonies. Personally, for me it’s an extremely powerful & efficient Discipleship model and being online it can be plugged in and used to serve the body of Christ globally.” Pastor Shannon who pastors New Life Fellowship Utsav in Mumbai is convinced of the impact Neogenesis makes on the life of believers and continues to encourage church members to sign up.

Christine Kuun met another Indian Pastor - Subhas Lyndgoh of Zion Grace Church online. We connected on a call and were blessed to meet again when he attended Movement Day in Dubai in 2023 where we were able to share the Neogenesis course with him to take home. He has since tutored his brother and son to assist him to take the teachings to his congregation members. Christine and I travelled to his beautiful city of Shillong in November 2023 to receive a warm welcome from his churches there and an online introduction to Indian pastors and churches across the country – from huge metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Kolkata to cities in Assam, Tripura, Sikkim and Siliguri. Pastor Subhas sums up his experience of teaching the course simply “It is life changing.”

Being online has enabled us to reach across geographies so time zones that accept the program go across Asia through Singapore, Malaysia and China in the East, Romania and UK to Europe and Canada to USA in the West.

United Kingdom

Nadiya from the UK was a new believer when she did her first course of Neogenesis. Having recently accepted the Lord Jesus, Nadiya was searching the internet for Christian teachings, especially on deliverance. She looked at the Deliverance Map posted by Pastor Isaiah Saldivar on YouTube which led her to David & Keziah May as a deliverance team nearest to her. David and Keziah encouraged Nadiya to enrol in the upcoming Neogenesis program which was just two weeks away- she did – and it ‘opened her eyes’.

Nadiya says, “New to the faith, the Neogenesis teachings set a foundation for my journey forward. I’m grateful I could do the course early in my Christian journey. It was wonderful how Chrissie explained all the basic concepts and shared all the values important to us as Christians in such a simple way. She’s a fantastic teacher, holds your attention and still communicates in such a joyful way. I have done Neogenesis at least four times, maybe five. Every time I do it, I feel refreshed, get my concepts right again and move forward in my faith. In the lessons, the one on ‘5-5-5’ is special to me, helps me in my prayer life. Another one is ‘Understanding the enemy’ – so important since we will be vulnerable unless we know our enemy. The prep between sessions also helped me to revise and retain the teaching. I’ve done the deliverance a few times and it has helped me to acquire a new mindset. Neogenesis teachings have been a part of my life over the last two years, I’m glad I can go back for another refresher from time to time since I feel encouraged and blessed, have a new revelation every time.

I’ve also done the Detox Program a few times. As mother of a 2-year-old, I feel overwhelmed at times and the first time I did the Detox course, I was in a particularly difficult season. It was liberating.” David and Keziah who lead the deliverance at Jrevolution have been faithful to their calling and to our ministry. They’ve seen many wonders over the years.


Eroica, from Memphis, Tennessee was born a Catholic and was advised to take the Neogenesis course by her sister. She did the course twice and each time her faith grew stronger. She learned the power of prayer, and God’s unfailing love for her. Eroica says,” I have grown spiritually with Jrevolution. I did Neogenesis and Detox and these courses taught me how to pray, read the Bible, put God first in my life. I thank God for His blessings every morning, for His presence in my life. I was in a bad place at work and was rescued by the consistent prayers of the Jrev team. I can now look around and see His miracles working day after day. I have so many new opportunities in the new job I have. I am amazed and grateful every day.” We are grateful to God and our Lord Jesus for the five years since our inception and pray He will continue to lead us against the bastions of the enemy year after year to fulfil our calling in Him.

Moving Forward

As we move in line with His calling, our next calling is not only across nations but also through the generations. Inspired by the verses from the Old Testament, Jrev Kids is ready for Sunday Schools and other missions serving children. ·Proverbs 22:6: "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." ·Isaiah 54:13: "All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace." ·Deuteronomy 6:7: "And you shall teach them diligently to your children and speak of them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up." We are also called to move into Relief and Evangelism along with Discipleship. (RED). RED is the acronym for our strategy going into 2024.

Project Relief

Bring relief and aid to the destitute.


Share the gospel of Christ through missions and online initiatives.

Discipleship and Content

Aim to fulfill the great commission through life-changing Holy Spirit inspired content and our discipleship program. Drive adoption of the Jrev Kids program.

Written by Urvashi Kadam, PR & Partnership
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