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This age of technology has brought us many wonderful and innovative ideas, but with this came the demise of the human soul, the eating away at ones character, people oblivious to its affects until it’s too late.

Each age the world has gone through has had some kind of impact upon society, and even worse effects on the environment in which it was placed. The Industrial Revolution changed the family unit as they knew it back then, as most families went from one parent working to both parents working within a household. It also brought with it many devastating effects on the environment; climate change, sickness, and disease which billions all over the planet had to face - and are still facing today. In the wake of the revolution no-one foresaw such damage - as excitement and awe of the new took center stage. It was only after the long term effects started to become visible that people really started to notice. It was a necessary change that we underwent - that I will not argue, but could we have prevented some of the casualties in the process?

In the midst of this new Technological Age I can’t help but draw some similarities that are staring us in the face. Once again it has changed the family unit... but beyond that it has also had far reaching impact on its environment… the human soul. If we are not careful, this time the casualty rate will be beyond measure. A much greater threat than global warming lurks over humanity, it’s called global selfisim.

My argument is not that technology is bad for humanity, but the misuse of it could be. Just like the factories in the previous industrial age; no-one knew that they would have such massive effects on the world’s environment and on humanity. In the excitement of the new being released into the world, people rarely focus on the negative impact. It was only after the long-term side effects became visible, that proper use of structures & controls were implemented to help limit the level of pollution and damage to our environment.

Your soul is in critical need of help - yours and those around you. The sickness and disease I'm talking about is not displayed in your physical body, but its the rotting of your soul beneath the surface. Don’t wait for the long-term effects to become so obvious that it’s too late to change. Create structures and boundaries in your life today to limit the damage you are doing to your own soul.

People have begun to notice the downward spiral of the family unit, youth, and society as we know it. We are searching for ways and means to fill a void in our souls that is constantly being eaten away at. Many people have tried moving from relationship to relationship, alcohol, drugs, sex and much more to try to fill the gaps in their soul. But unfortunately those pleasures are fast fading and are only temporary measures that bring no lasting fulfillment. We need a solution that not only prevents the eroding of our soul but a permanent solution that brings with it a new beginning - the Neo-genesis of the soul.

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