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Image by Sammy Wong

Kenya 2023

September 2023 - October 2023

Migori, Kenya

Kisii, Kenya

Kenya Mission Trip

From September 30th to October 10th, 2023, we went on our first outreach since 2019. Together, the teams from Dubai and Kenya had a great impact in the towns of Migori and Kisii.


The trip most certainly came with its challenges; however, the challenges are incomparable to the transformations we saw across these two towns. Across multiple visits to different locations, we managed to preach the gospel to over 1000 students and distribute over 100 Bibles in four different languages. We were able to bring some relief, hope, and encouragement to children in schools and orphanages, as well as partnering with local churches. 

During our time, we preached at two church conferences. We thank God for the miraculous work that He did. We witnessed people being set free from demonic strongholds; over 20 people received physical healing, and we also had new salvations.

With grateful hearts, we thank God for how He supernaturally provided for this trip through each and every donor. We are grateful for your generosity and open hand. These donations did not only help us buy Bibles, food, toys, etc. It also provided us with our transportation and accommodation needs.

Last, but certainly not least, we thank everyone who covered the mission in prayer. It is a privilege to be a part of what God is doing, and we look forward to seeing what is in store for Kenya.


With lots of love and gratitude,


The Jrevolution team

India 2023

September 2023

Shillong, India

Image by Martin Jernberg

India Mission Trip

We were led to Shillong in the Northeast of India by the Spirit of our Lord Jesus connecting us to Pastor Subhas Lyndoh of  Zion Grace Church, Shillong, Meghalaya. Pastor Subhas and Chrissie Kuun met on LinkedIn in September 2022. He responded enthusiastically to Jrevolution’s Neo Genesis program as she introduced it to him online and we were in touch on email and zoom for six months sharing and talking about the program.

In February 2023, we had the good fortune to meet Pastor Subhas when he visited Dubai for Movement Day.  We handed over the entire Neo Genesis Program on pen drives to him before he left. Pastor Subhas encouraged us to complete the Hindi translations we had started. We worked quickly leveraging technology to have all the lessons in Hindi.

Pastor Subhas is assisted by his wife Aarti. His brother and son are also actively involved in his ministry, and they have all imbibed the Neo Genesis program that they plan to take across all their churches in the coming year.

The team oversee 18 churches which are constantly increasing – two more are in the process of being added. Currently there are four churches in Meghalaya, one in Sikkim, one in Nepal and 12 in Tripura where Pastor Subhas has found many connections to bring the Lord’s teachings and blessings to this underdeveloped geography.     

Tripura lies in a geographically isolated location in India, as only one major highway, National Highway 8, connects it with the rest of the country. Five mountain ranges 

— Baramura, Atharamura, Longtharai, Shakhan and Jampui Hills — run north to south, with intervening valleys; Agartala, the capital, is located on a plain to the west. The state has a tropical savanna climate, and receives seasonal heavy rains from the southwest monsoon.

Forests cover more than half of the area, in which bamboo and cane tracts are common. Tripura has the highest number of primate species found in any Indian state. Due to its geographical isolation, economic progress in the state is hindered. Poverty and unemployment continue to plague Tripura, which has a limited infrastructure. Most residents are involved in agriculture and allied activities, although the service sector is the largest contributor to the state's gross domestic product.

Our Lord works in mysterious ways. Chrissie and I had the good fortune to visit one of India’s renowned holiday destinations, enjoy its breathtaking beauty and cool weather with just one day of rain during our trip. We enjoyed two church services and heartwarming fellowship throughout our trip. Chrissie’s messages at both the meetings were highly appreciated, our hosts hospitality was overwhelming. And were able to connect with a Ministry that is taking the gospel to one of the farthest regions of the large Indian sub-continent, most ignored by church groups because of its remoteness.

We plan to join a seminar next year hosted by Grace Zion church bringing all the churches of the Northeast together. We believe God has called us to this region to partner Zion Grace Church, which is making inroads in Tripura, an untapped part of the Northeast of India and our mission trip this year laid the foundation for a larger work in that geography.

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