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The Jrevolution Program
 A life built on truth

Program Overview

Many people live their day to day lives searching for purpose and meaning, but no matter how many different methods they use to find this, they never seem to obtain it.  In the end they still have an inner emptiness, loneliness and void on the inside.  Maybe you feel this way?  In order to understand why you feel this way - you first need to understand your make-up as a human being.  Sign up to complete all 7 sessions of the Neogenesis program (under our About section) face to face, through webinar  or complete online on Youtube: 

Jrevolution Neogenesis Program.

Download the full program workbook on:

Jrevolution Neogenesis Workbook

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A New Beginning #1

Neogenesis is the first session in our 7 part series.  In this session we take an in depth look at what our souls are searching for. 

Many people live their day to day lives searching for purpose and meaning, but no matter how many different methods they use to find this, they never seem to obtain it.  At the end they still have an inner emptiness, loneliness and void on the inside.  Maybe you feel this way.  In order to understand why you feel this way? You first need to understand how you are made as a human being. 

Woman with Bible

5-5-5 #2

Many struggle to spend time with God and more importantly to hear from God. In this session we teach you some techniques and lessons which will help you understand how to spend quality time with God (quality over quantity) and how to hear what He is saying to you.


A place to call home #3

Today the world encourages independence and encourages us to do everything on your own or alone. God never intended that for us when He created us. He created us to be part of a family and to live together inter-dependently, to support each other, pray for each other and grow together God knows how important it is for you to be placed in a family. He knows this is one of the key ways you will grow and learn more about Him, and He knows how you need to be cared for and helped. Learn more in this session to find out more about a place to call home.

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The Good Gift #4

Did you know that you received a special gift? It is a gift like no other and it is a gift that no-one can give you, it only comes from God. It’s a gift that cannot be bought (although some in history have tried to buy it when they saw its power) . The gift is not an item, it’s not a destination, it’s not a purpose, it’s not even a talent, but the GOOD GIFT is A PERSON!


Forgive | Advance | Persevere #5


If you have unforgiveness it means you are still stuck in the past and it will

limit your future.


Know Your Enemy #6

Did you know that you have an enemy? Whose sole purpose is to kill, steal and destroy. In this session we look at who your enemy is, where he comes from, and what his tactics are. We also look at the process of temptation and key ways you can overcome temptation in your life.

Break Dancer

Upside Down Living #7

Upside Down Living is based on key principles which highlight the importance of living in the opposite way that the world around us lives and conducts itself. In applying these key principles, you will find that your life will take on a whole new meaning and purpose, and you will flourish and advance in all you do and you will learn how to live a truly impactful life.

This is the last session of our Neogenesis series. We will continue producing content, teachings and summaries, to access these please subscribe to Jrevolution on YouTube as well as follow us on our Social Media Platforms.

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