Neogenesis Program

Many people live their day to day lives searching for purpose and meaning, but no matter how many different methods they use to find this, they never seem to obtain it.  In the end they still have an inner emptiness, loneliness and void on the inside.  Maybe you feel this way?  In order to understand why you feel this way - you first need to understand your make-up as a human being. 

Jrev Kids

Jrev Kids Neogenesis Program is to help kids understand salvation and the need of salvation, as well as to teach them to hear from God from a young age. We believe teaching them this while they are still young will impact them for the rest of their lives. The program also covers other key discipleship topics like church, community, serving, giving, the Holy Spirit, forgiveness, the enemy and much much more!

Image by Kristina Flour

Truth Be Told Series

Controversial, uncomfortable are just a few ways to describe this series. The Series includes teaching's from many different men and women from different nations who have walked or overcome tough circumstances. Using their stories to help others.


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